360 Degree Development Model

The foundation of the Parikrma model is the Circle of Life or 360 Degree Development Model. Built around the life of a child, the model includes the best possible English education, nutrition (three meals a day), healthcare and family care.

English language education addresses the need for marginalized children to have access to the same quality of education as children who go to private schools. Nutrition and healthcare take care of basic needs – a hungry or unwell child cannot be regular to school. Family care completes the circle, involving parents and addressing their problems to ensure stable home environments for our children.


At the core of the Parikrma Model is the delivery of the best possible English language education so that the children can have equal access to the best opportunities. In order to overcome the many hurdles they face in their homes and communities, we have developed a three-pronged strategy:

  • Thrust on English language excellence: English is crucial to competing equally, since higher education and most good jobs require an excellent grasp of the language. Therefore, our medium of instruction is English, beginning with a unique 3-month English foundation program for Kindergarten, teaching them the rudiments that will pave the way for the rest of their education.
  • A comprehensive & wide-ranging education program: For our children, the world is the community they come from, with all its limitations. Exposure to the world, through art, sport, science beyond the classroom, field trips and films, is an integral part of our education program, widening horizons and creating a larger vision of life.
  • Make learning fun: At Parikrma, we want our children to want to come to school, not be forced by their parents. Our curriculum is delivered in a manner that engages a child to experience the learning and be totally involved in the process. Teachers undergo in-depth training to orient them to this mode of teaching and to sensitize them to the backgrounds of our children.

Child and Community Development

What sets Parikrma apart is its complete engagement with the child's life beyond education – nutrition, healthcare and family care. Given the unstable and often violent backgrounds our children come from, and their parents’ fluctuating incomes, it is imperative for Parikrma to address issues that a child faces at home so that they don’t affect the child’s development. The question is: what can we do to ensure that the child's home environment is stable and a nurturing one so that the child attends school regularly and makes best use of the education we impart in school?

Our Community Development Services (CDS) manages this aspect of the Parikrma Model. The CDS is manned by a team of social workers with strong grass roots experience. They enjoy a rapport with each individual family and are the first point of contact for them. CDS workers form a bridge between the school and the family and constantly collaborate with teachers on solving problems stemming from the family/community.

We provide a wholesome breakfast, lunch and a glass of malt to the children everyday, taking care of 80-85% of their nutritional needs at school.

We recognize that physical health is a critical building block in a child's development but is also the aspect that is quite often neglected by the family. Activities that figure routinely on the CDS calendar are: yearly general checkups, dental screening and interventions, eye testing, immunization, blood grouping, deworming and administering multi vitamin supplements. In addition, CDS offers a huge support system, often emotional, to families during an emergency or a serious illness. We rely on partnerships with renowned medical institutions to access reliable treatment for our children.


  • MS Ramiah
  • Rangadore Memorial Hospital
  • P D Hinduja Sindhi Hospital
  • Smile Train Foundation
  • KMYF
  • Sharada Rotary
  • Udani Opticians
  • Karunashraya
  • RV Dental College
  • Sankara Eye Hospital
  • Dayashanti Charitable Hospital
  • Bangalore Dental College

Family Care

If Parikrma is to be a sustainable model, we need to ensure that our parents have access to the care they might need to better look after themselves and their children. The CDS has implemented a number of unique programs to empower the parents of our children, especially the mothers, to improve their lives and think about their future. The CDS has helped many parents open savings bank accounts, and runs self-help groups for the mothers. They have also organized health checks for parents and vocational trainings so that the parents learn skills that will help them generate better and more stable incomes.

Our Impact