e2e End to End Program

The Parikrma model is also end-to-end, looking after a child’s education right from Kindergarten to college. We believe this will increase the probability for success. Parikrma directly manages the imparting of education from KG to Grade X at its Centres, and Grades XI and XII at the Parikrma Junior College. After that, Parikrma provides scholarships and other options for children to go through professional college / vocational training before placing the children in jobs. The first few batches of our students have graduated from college, skills training programs and many are now working at high-valued jobs, as part of the Parikrma Final Leap.

A child comes into Parikrma at age 5 in Kindergarten. Parikrma then travels with each child till he or she starts earning a living. This journey, that lasts 18-20 years, is what makes Parikrma a complete program, an effort to transform the life of the child by enabling him or her to break out of the cycle of poverty.

  • K-12: The crucial foundational years of kindergarten to Grade X and the two pre-university years are managed by Parikrma with its own teachers and staff. The Parikrma Centre for Learning has the primary, middle and senior school that make up the K-10 years. There are 4 such Centres in Bangalore and each one is a self-sufficient unit in terms of the teaching faculty and administration staff including a Principal. For the two pre-university years (11th and 12th) children from across the 4 Centres come to a centralized Junior College.
  • Final Leap – College and Beyond: The final journey in the Parikrma Model is higher learning through undergraduate and graduate college as well as vocational training. It is here that the children take their final steps of their formal education before they start earning a living. Given the nature of the backgrounds the children come from and the intense pressure to start earning a living, it is important to be with the child through this final leg of the education journey before being placed in a job. We provide scholarships to the children to pursue college or vocational training. Several of our children who are in college are already doing exceedingly well, winning inter-college competitions and completing internships at reputed institutions. Those who are working, too, have integrated well into their jobs and are helping to support their families.
  • Education Transformation Centre - People always ask us how we plan to scale our model of education – will we open more schools, increase class sizes? At Parikrma, education goes beyond numbers. We are with every child for more than 18 years, from kindergarten till first employment. Education is indepth, addresses every aspect of a child’s life and focuses on relevant and global exposure. Therefore, Parikrma will begin sharing its model with the teachers of government schools in mid-2014, at the teacher training academy we call the Education Transformation Centre (ETC).
    Our model is based on three simple tenets: every child has the potential to excel if all elements of life are addressed with care; educational content must be relevant and holistic; and the model can be spread through the ETC. The thought behind the ETC, is to provide the benefits of the Parikrma model as a whole rather than just a few elements of it. The Parikrma model is one that has shown results and is now well established. Instead of starting from scratch again, the ETC will be a nerve-centre to impart knowledge, do further research and collaborate with organizations around the world to improve overall pedagogy, in the field of education for the underserved.

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