Heart for Nepal

About a month ago, the Parikrma students came up with the idea that we need to do something for the children in Nepal that have been devastated by the recent earthquake. They are giving up something from the very little they have and are saving money to rebuild a school in Nepal. Many children are walking to school each day and giving up their bus money for the “Heart for Nepal” box that has been set up in each of our 4 schools.
We want to help rebuild a school in Phatpur village in Nuwakot district in Nepal at the base of the Mt Everest camp. This school has been totally demolished and considered unsafe for the 360 children that study there. It is horrifying that 2 kids from this school have lost their lives and many villagers have been buried under the rubble. What happened in Nepal is a crisis that will impact the rest of the world. It is Parikrma students that suggested that while everyone is contributing to build homes and hospitals not enough attention has not been given to rebuild schools. We know whatever my kids do will never be enough. We want your support to add to our children’s endeavor to help children worse off than them. We need to raise about Rs 20 lakhs to build a school with 10 classrooms, computer room and library for 360 children.
We know we do not have the competence to get into infrastructure and will partner with Ani Foundation of Nepal to get this school built. This time we will be using earthquake proof material for future safety. We will also take the responsibility of training the teachers and helping in the curriculum. Our little students have offered to use less pages in their exercise books and donate some books and material to their friends in Nepal. It truly shows that compassion has no geographical boundaries.
We are organizing a Music Concert on the 11th July,2015 where the renowned Sufi singer Kavita Seth will be performing free for us at Chowdiah Memorial Hall to help us raise funds.
We are delighted that we have inculcated the spirit of sharing in our children and will also share some of the Parikrma best practices across the borders. We will send some of our teachers to Nepal to help them get started with their classes.