When like-minded people with dedication and responsibility come together and address the shortcomings of our imperfect society, there is the possibility of fundamental change. At Parikrma, we have more than a 160 such people driven by a simple goal – to provide the best possible education to the poorest children living in the slums of urban India. To fuel the growth of our program and to improve our education delivery we are looking for people with skill, experience, innovative spirit and a strong desire to create change. We have openings in Academics and Marketing.



Do you lead or follow a child? Do you teach or learn with a child? Do you want to be an interesting teacher or a teacher who is interested? Do you want the children you teach to pay attention to you or would you rather pay attention to them? These questions are core to teaching at Parikrma. If you feel these are important too then we want to hear from you. Since 2003, Parikrma has been providing the poorest of poor children from the slums of Bangalore an education relevant to our times – education that not only covers classroom academics but goes beyond with sport, art, music and theater.

Given the socio-economic condition our children come from (and the limiting backgrounds of their parents), teachers at Parikrma are more than just that. They are friends and even parents to our children. We are looking for teachers who can fit into the many roles and who are extraordinarily patient and caring as they journey along with the child. All positions require you to be proficient in English, have wide interests, understand multiple intelligences and have the ability to adapt to technology.

We have openings in junior, middle and senior school across our 4 Centres in the following areas:

  • TEACHERS : Kindergarten to Grade 4
    You must have a minimum of 2 years of experience and be able to understand a cross-curricular approach to teaching and exude high energy. Montessori training and storytelling skills will be an added advantage.
  • SUBJECT TEACHERS : Grades 5 to 10
    You must have a minimum of 2 years of experience and a graduation in a core teaching subject. You must have the ability to bring alive the subject to children. A B.Ed. degree is preferable.
    You must possess a diploma or a degree in Library Sciences and be able to manage resource centers across all our schools. You must be an avid reader and a storyteller and be able to encourage our children to use the library.

If you are interested in applying for any of these positions, please write to us at with your resume and a covering note explaining why you think you would fit in Parikrma and be most suited for the role.


Can you tell a story that can change a mind forever?

Everyday our teachers work with skill, dedication and great enthusiasm to ensure that the children of Parikrma have the ability to access the best opportunities and live happy, wholesome lives. From the moment a child walks into Parikrma at age 5 in Kindergarten, change is a way of life, be it the English language curriculum delivered in the most engaging way or excellence in sport, science and art.

And while teachers work towards change, we carry the story of transformation to the outside world in an effort to change minds. Our aim is to change, once and for all, the way people think about the way we really ought to educate our poor. And in the process get them to invest in these children.

We are looking for dedicated and responsible individuals to work in our marketing department. Individuals who want to change mindsets. Individuals who love being with children. Individuals capable of reaching out to others and telling a story with passion. Interested in changing minds forever? Then write to us at telling us why you are right for the role. Don’t forget to attach your resume.

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