By investing in a program at Parikrma, you become part of a movement that is transforming the lives of the under-served. You can support a program that is part of the Parikrma Circle of Life – under education, nutrition, health care or family care. You could also support our sport, art and science programs under Parikrma Edge, that help our children become New World Citizens – caring and sensitive individuals with broad horizons and varied interests.


Circle of Life & Parikrma Edge

If you would like to invest in the nutrition, healthcare or family care programs, please write to us at

You can also help us improve our extra-curricular programs by investing in art, sport and science programs. Your investments will be used to upgrade infrastructure, buy supplies and equipment and pay teacher and recourse person salaries. If you believe in the potential of our children’s skill and creativity and would like to support them, please write in to

Parikrma Champions League

The Parikrma Champions League is a one-of-a-kind U-16 football tournament that raised the standard for inter-school tournaments in Bangalore. The PCL brings together the best school teams from Bangalore, along with a team each from Goa and Kerala, and gives them an opportunity to participate in an event of international standards. Supported by Menzies Aviation in association with the Karnataka State Football Association, the first three editions of the PCL were huge successes, with stars like Baichung Bhutia, Rahul Bose and Sunil Chettri coming to Bangalore to watch the finals. With customized animations flashed on an LED screen, commentary and entertainment by JR Jackson from New York, support from international teams and a professionally-managed organization team, the event has left its mark on the city, proving that even as a non-profit, Parikrma is capable of hosting an event of the best quality to support sport and our children. If you believe that sport is an important platform for our children and would like to support the Parikrma Champions League, please write to us at

Parikrma Festival of Science

Education at Parikrma is far more than academics. We go to great lengths to inculcate an interest in the world beyond the classroom – through art, sport, theatre and Universe 2 U, a science beyond the classroom program. The Parikrma Festival of Science, supported by Synopsys and held at the University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK campus, fostered a collaborative rather than competitive spirit of discovery, among students from backgrounds as varied as government and international schools. For the five days of the festival, there were no restrictions of a timetable or a classroom, and students explored and engaged with science in a fun and exciting way. The children learnt about water, the theme of this year’s festival, through experiments, field trips and sessions with experts. The Festival aims to inspire students to look at science beyond the text book and as part of their lives and society. The Parikrma Festival of Science created a unique atmosphere that celebrated the spirit of discovery, encouraged children to ask questions and to think through problems themselves. If you believe that education is more than classroom knowledge for our children and would like to support the Parikrma Festival of Science, please write to us at

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