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You can join the revolution for equal education at Parikrma by hosting or supporting an event that will help raise funds for us to ensure the continuity of our program and spread the word about Parikrma. We do our best to make learning fun and engaging at our schools, but you can help us take our program to the next level by sponsoring a field trip, a special meal or raising funds through different channels. We are always open to exciting new ideas for fund-raising events and platforms for us to share our story with the world.


In order to sustain the Parikrma Model, we need your support to raise funds, spread awareness and enhance our children’s learning experiences. From hosting golf tournaments and art auctions, to organizing concerts, field trips and fund-raising marathons, the possibilities are endless.

Heart for Art

Ever since our inception, we have found that our children express themselves best through creative outlets and extra-curricular activities. From dance and drama to football and photography, our children find inspiration in the everyday and share stories that are beautiful and meaningful. Art, especially, has been an important part of the Parikrma programme, with talented and dedicated art teachers guiding students at every centre. Seeing this, one of our volunteers saw an opportunity and helped us find a gallery that would showcase the paintings of our students.

The two-and-a-half-day exhibition kicked off with a cultural programme, starting with a fusion dance performace, a song and a poem by our students. We also invited several of our alumni to share their experiences – some from college and some who are already working.

The paintings displayed at the exhibition were created by students from Sun Class (Kindergarten) right up to Grade 12. The gallery came alive with colour and life, with aeroplanes and fish, abstract shapes and landscapes. There was a level of detail and care in the execution of each painting that was far beyond the years of many of the little artists. Beautiful combinations of colours blended together in paper cut-out artwork, watercolours and oil paintings. In the beautiful lighting of the gallery, the creative interpretations of self-portraits stood out – with multi-coloured skin and crazy-coloured hair. Each evening was hosted by a friend of Parikrma who so generously helped us make this exhibition – a long-time dream of ours – a reality. A big painting by 10 students was displayed for a silent auction. The art exhibition was an exciting experience for all of us, showing us that there are so many ways for our friends to help us and so many ways for us to reach out to people who would like to be a part of our journey. It is also a unique opportunity for our students to showcase their artistic talents on a larger platform.

Golf for Parikrma

A couple has been friends of Parikrma for some time now, sponsoring children and joining us for school events. But they wanted to do something more, find new ways in which to share the Parikrma story among their friends and acquaintances in Bangalore. And so, on a crisp December morning, they organised a golf tournament to raise funds for and spread awareness about Parikrma. Forty eight people signed up, and received handmade goodie bags from the children, with original art work and thank-you notes. It was a morning of fun and a morning dedicated to the children of Parikrma. Our friends often ask us what more they can do for us, how they can go that extra step for Parikrma. They have showed us that there are no limits and no rules – as long as people are coming together; there is the opportunity to share the story of Parikrma.

We are always open to creative and exciting new ideas to help take the story of Parikrma to more people. If you would like to host an existing event or create an event to support the children of Parikrma or a specific program, we’d love to hear from you! Write to us at

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