Our Children

There are over 6 lakh people living in over 800 designated slums in the city of Bangalore. These slums are recognized by municipal authorities and this makes access to basic sanitation, water and electricity somewhat possible. Close to 1 million people live in non-designated slums in abject poverty with no safe drinking water or even adequate sanitation.

Our children at Parikrma come from somewhere in between ambiguous terminology and statistics. The 1700 children come from 4 orphanages and 69 different communities across Kormangala, Jayanagar, Sahakaranagar and Yeshwanthpur, with diverse histories. Backgrounds of neglect, complete lack of medical care, alcoholic parents and various sorts of abuse are common stories. Perhaps what is most alarming is that sometimes our children don't even get a meal a day.

However, one thing is for certain, if not for Parikrma, many of our children would not be in school.

Children stats at Parikrma:

Ages: 5 - 18 years Total number of children: 1375 Girls: 671 Boys: 704 Average Household Income: Rs. 3000/- (US$55) per month Average People / Household: 5

Children selection criteria

Orphaned & abandoned children Slum children from households with income less than Rs. 3000 p.m. (US$55) Below 6 years Special emphasis on the girl child Preference to siblings No distinction of caste, creed & religion

The Parikrma Edge

What sets Parikrma apart is not just its commitment to the quality of education but its emphasis on exposure and all-round development, to ensure that every child discovers a field that she or he loves and excels in. Be it English language proficiency or technology skills or sport and art or collaborating with people around the world, we see how important it is to make education relevant to our new-age world. And it is this relevance that will make even the poorest child a responsible New World Citizen.

Universe 2 U - Science at Parikrma
The study of science opens up the entire universe to us from the smallest unit of matter to the great nebulae that churn out stars which keep the Universe alive, from the smallest strand of DNA to the way we interact with each other and with our environment. Universe 2U, the science program at Parikrma supported by Synopsys, is our childrens window to the world. Through a rigorous program of visits to museums, parks and science fairs, guest talks by eminent scientists from around the world, workshops and projects, our children take science beyond the classroom. A Space Club run by a NASA veteran, a Nature Club and a Mechanics Club help our children learn about the wonders of the world and aspire to become astronauts, conservationists and aeronautical engineers.

United Parikrma Sports
Sport, a great unifier, is an integral part of our education at Parikrma. We provide a physical training program that helps all our children develop their motor skills and improve their physical conditioning. Each of our Centres has a physical trainer that trains and monitors the physical development of the children. In our advanced level program the United Parikrma Sports Program we identify and train talented children across football, athletics and taekwon-do. Our aim is to provide these children an opportunity to compete at the highest levels. Our children have shone in all these three disciplines, winning and holding meet records at inter-school tournaments, and many have gone on to represent the state.

We believe we have a long way to go in order to provide a complete and really good sports program. We are looking for a sponsor to fund our entire sports program. If you are interested in this sponsorship please write to info@parikrmafoundation.org.

Arts Development

Creative expression has the incredible power to empower. Therefore, art, music, theatre and dance are taken extremely seriously at Parikrma. We recognize the tremendous talent that our children have in expressing themselves through the various art forms. Right from kindergarten, children begin art classes, painting and drawing with unlimited expression, given direction under the caring guidance of our experienced, award-winning art teachers across our Centres. With the support of Attakalari, the Lewis Ballet Foundation, teachers and volunteers, our children have transformed on stage, dancing and channeling emotions into their movement and expression. Every annual day function is an explosion of music, dance and theatre, with homemade props, sets and costumes. We would like to build a more structured program for the arts, and we are looking for funds to make this a reality. If you would like to support the arts at Parikrma, please write to info@parikrmafoundation.org