Our Model

At Parikrma, education is not just about the quality of education being imparted, but about preparing every child for life.

For an underserved child who is trying to break out of severely limiting living conditions and come to school, the challenges are many. Children face violence of all kinds in their homes; most of their parents have never been to school, and none speak English. Fluctuating incomes and widespread alcoholism further drain households of stability. To ensure that children stay in school, learn well and become job-ready, it is imperative that their lives are looked after in their entirely. The Parikrma Model has emerged from this principle, addressing every aspect of a child’s life and intervening when necessary. A nurturing and stable home environment and a very high quality of learning in school constitute the key elements that need to be managed to achieve our goal. Nutrition and healthcare complete this Circle of Life.

All of this would not have been possible without the support of our Sponsors.

360 Degree Development Model

The foundation of the Parikrma model is the Circle of Life or 360 Degree Development Model. Built around the life of a child, the model includes the best possible English education, nutrition (three meals a day), healthcare and family care.
English language education addresses the need for marginalized children to have access to the same quality of education as children who go to private schools. Nutrition and healthcare take care of basic needs – a hungry or unwell child cannot be regular to school. Family care completes the circle, involving parents and addressing their problems to ensure stable home environments for our children.


e2e End to End Program

The Parikrma model is also end-to-end, looking after a child’s education right from Kindergarten to college. We believe this will increase the probability for success. Parikrma directly manages the imparting of education from KG to Grade X at its Centres, and Grades XI and XII at the Parikrma Junior College.
After that, Parikrma provides scholarships and other options for children to go through professional college / vocational training before placing the children in jobs. The first few batches of our students have graduated from college, skills training programs and many are now working at high-valued jobs, as part of the Parikrma Final Leap.